Tom and Guiselle presenting to Panamanian Business Owners

Tom and wife Guiselle presenting to a group of Panamanian Business and Tax Professionals.

"Tom has been presenting at our conferences for years. Our audiences have appreciated and rated him highly for his energy and enthusiasm."
Lief Simon
CFO Live & Invest Overseas and author

Courses and Retreats

If you feel misguided, misinformed or misled, we have some solutions for you.

Online courses and live seminars/workshops and retreats are in development.  Scheduling around health restrictions has been a challenge but we will post a schedule of the live events as soon as they can be confirmed. In the meantime a set of parallel online video training is being produced to enable you to learn at your pace from the comfort of your home, without the investment in travel and related inconveniences.

Materials are based on the book EMPOWER YOUR CHILDREN and designed to improve the learner’s critical thinking ability, develop their public presentation skills and build their confidence, and motivate them to challenge the individuals and organizations that manage and control public education to include CT in K-12 and freshman level in college.

Online Programs

Apprentice training – A three hour program that presents the basic critical thinking skills with exercises to build the habit of living them in your everyday life. A free video preview of the course is available.

Seminars, Webinars, and Workshops

Challenger Training

Full day seminar and workshop to build on the basic Critical Thinking (CT) skills developed in the Apprentice program. Exercises to encourage family discussions using the basic Four W questions to provide by example the value of evaluating the sources and reliability of information to effectively differentiate valid information from opinion and propaganda.. Outlines and the Three Ps tools are included to develop your skills to make a well received, five minute presentation with a clear call to action.  A great resource for home school moms and dads to be able to integrate CT applications in each of the general courses being taught.   A video package will be available online.

Advocate Training

A two-day live interactive workshop.  Participants will research, develop, and effectively present to their peers the critical thinking argument to be confident and eager to speak with authority to local authorities that control the education curriculum. Each day has two break out groups for planning and organizing including identifying the controlling legislation and contractual issues in your community; identifying the individuals who are key to making an effective change in the curriculum; building a community of like minded individuals, including small neighborhood discussion groups to establish specific goal setting; and integrating with community leaders through personal contacts and social media.

Visionary Training

A three-day weekend retreat to build on the advocacy skills and develop a creative and practical Action Plan that will lead to effective improvement in public education.  Discussions include an overview of the local and federal Congressional Districts and oversight committees; the Federal Court systems which are likely (inevitably?)  involved in the challenges to the status quo in public education; and tools for effective recruiting, training and coordinating the local Advocates in the Visionaries area.  Break out groups are designed to provide the attendees an opportunity to share their commitment with each other: exchange ideas on goal setting and building their area community of Advocates; identifying regional and national resources and organizations to cooperate in the mutual objectives: and professional networking among similarly motivated national leaders.

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