About Thomas Rowley, Ph.D.

Tom Rowley, PhD

Do you see a national problem and think it’s too big for you to have any influence? Are you frustrated with being misinformed or misguided? Take heart. You can change it.

Dr Rowley, a former professor, and semi-retired CPA, evaluates potential solutions and recommendations from leaders of public policy and public safety and concludes with a four-step action plan.

Starting with the individual, become a respectful skeptic: a critical thinker who knows the rights and responsibilities of citizenship who will politely challenge those who govern and manage our public education to include the life skills required of a productive individual.

When we succeed, rational fact-based decisions will result in calmer, more productive public discourse of the important issues of our time.

The objective of education should be to teach young people how to think, not what to think, and to develop their life skills starting in the early grades. This will restore the traditional admiration and respect of the teaching profession and the personal satisfaction that drives most teachers to return to the classroom every day.

Tom Rowley, PhD

Tom is a veteran, a former university professor, an entrepreneur and semi-retired CPA who lives in Panamá with his wife and stepson who is studying to become an aeronautical engineer, and an old Beagle named Snickers. He is a business problem solver using his MBA and a second Masters’ degree in human resource management to help small business find and implement solutions.

Tom earned a BS degree in accounting with a minor in economics at U of Maryland and an MBA from the U of Miami. He built a successful CPA tax and management consulting practice.  After a decade and a half in business he returned to study and earned a Masters – Human Resource Management and a PhD in business from the U of Utah. He has served on faculties at U Utah, and Georgia State University and published academic and professional articles related to management of financial information.

Tom is an adventurer.  His first adult job was teaching pilots and crewmembers how to bail out of a disabled aircraft and survive once they got on the ground. He’s been sharing what he knows with audiences in a variety of settings ever since. He is a licensed pilot both fixed wing and rotary and likes to spend his spare time in the air admiring the world from a few thousand feet overhead flying a helicopter or on terra firma trail-riding on horseback.
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On a personal level, one of the most enjoyable ‘jobs’ I’ve ever done never earned me a dime.  I spent a decade as a volunteer construction supervisor for the Habitat for Humanity chapter in Atlanta when I was a faculty member at Georgia State University.  I probably have my blood, sweat and tears in over a hundred homes built for the working poor.  My forte was framing and siding.  It is an amazing experience to take a group of a dozen volunteers who have little or no construction experience and lead them over two Saturdays to stand up the wall frames other volunteers have created in a warehouse, get them vertical and properly integrated with the roofing trusses, then covered with composite wood siding that is perfectly horizontal and uniform. To be able to step back with the volunteers and see a house that didn’t exist two weekends before is very satisfying.  The best part of course, were the big smiles on the faces of the new owners when they were handed the keys and the opportunity to live in something they could call their own.

“Complaining about a problem without posing a solution is called whining.”

― Teddy Roosevelt