Thomas Rowley, Ph.D.

Tom is a veteran, a former university professor, an entrepreneur and semi-retired CPA who lives in Panamá with his wife and stepson who has a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and an aspiring pilot, and an old Beagle named Snickers. He is a business problem solver using his MBA and a second Masters’ degree in human resource management to help small business find and implement solutions. Tom earned a BS degree in accounting with a minor in economics at U of Maryland and an MBA from the U of Miami. He built a successful CPA tax and management consulting practice.  After a decade and a half in business he returned to study and earned a Masters – Human Resource Management and a PhD in business from the U of Utah. He has served on faculties at U Utah, and Georgia State University and published academic and professional articles related to management of financial information. Tom is an adventurer.  His first adult job was teaching pilots and crewmembers how to bail out of a disabled aircraft and survive once they got on the ground. He’s been sharing what he knows with audiences in a variety of settings ever since. He is a licensed pilot both fixed wing and rotary and likes to spend his spare time in the air admiring the world from a few thousand feet overhead flying a helicopter or on terra firma trail-riding on horseback.

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My goal is to create and support a successful cadre of enthusiastic advocates to restore the teaching of effective problem solving life skills in public education.

Young people deserve to learn how to think not what to think. Developing the skills of critical thinking techniques integrated with the knowledge of the rights and responsibilities of adults will result in balanced individuals who are confident they are making informed decisions with a conscious expectation of the likely consequences.

When individuals practice being ‘respectful skeptics’ and engage in calm social discourse of the important issues of the times, the debate is more peaceful and negotiated outcomes are more productive and less disruptive.

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Praise for Empower Your Children

“The author discusses the failure of the public education system in the USA to educate students in critical thinking and problem-solving skills. As an educator, he speaks from first-hand experience. He believes that the Vietnam War is one of the reasons for this. I won’t spoil your read by saying why. He is worried that many students and leaders in government, industry and education won’t listen to arguments that challenge their points of view. He discusses the effects of the pandemic and generational issues and is concerned re illiberalism. He recommends a plan of action and advocacy to deal with the issues raised.”

  • BJ Miller, Author and Pastor, Queensland

“The author does an excellent job using a plethora of sources to show how/why the educational system is the way it is. From having a lot of experience, Tom explains why he believes there should be a framework for responsible decision making and the likely consequences that go along with it.. which is why he “blames it on Nam!” As an educator, I couldn’t put this book down, and it gave me a lot of insight such as: the history of education, a biased curriculum, generational archetypes, problem solving opportunities and even an action plan with a lot of tools to implement actual change in the educational system.”

  • MB, Special Ed teacher, Ohio

“I wish every judge, politician, legislator, educator and school board member and parent would read this book. It contains many solutions to the problems in this country. Issues with critical thinking that could be corrected in our classrooms. Buy it, read it, and act upon these crucial issues facing our children and grandchildren.”

  • MJH, Kansas

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"Complaining about a problem without posing a solution is called whining."
Theodore Roosevelt
Horseman, adventurer and 26th President of the United States.